Driving Instructor/Private Coach

Jim Russell Racing School

Tony’s passion for instructing is as deep as his passion for racing. When Tony had gained enough experience behind the wheel he wanted to pass on his passion and knowledge to other up and coming drivers. Tony was once a student of the Jim Russell Racing School. By 2004, Tony became a driving and racing instructor for the very school that taught him. Tony has taught virtually every class the school offers. From karting to the schools new Lola F3′s…Tony has shown the range of experience and leadership necessary to teach the new breed of drivers. With the new ownerhip at Jim Russell Racing School, the latest technology has been a key component to driver education. Tony now has the capability to use data acquistion from the F3 Lola’s to pass on key information to the driver.

Audi Sportscar Experience

New to the Jim Russell Racing School facility is the Audi Sportscar Experience. The new Audi school features the highly regarded Audi R8. Tony has shown great leadership and in-depth driver feedback to become a lead instructor for all R8 beginner and advanced classes.

Private Coaching

Tony has had the good fortune to work with well know driver and team owner, Kevin Buckler and The Racer’s Group. Tony was hired by Kevin to coach his drivers who campaign there Porsche 911 Cup and RS racecars in Rolex, Koni, Speed GT and ALMS competition. An element of this coaching has been testing and evaluating the student’s cars to detemine what they were working with and how they could set their cars up better.

Along with top level sportscar teams, Tony has also worked with various vintage race groups such as C.S.R.G. and H.M.S.A.

Outside of organized driving events and organizations Tony has also done many one-on-one coaching sessions with drivers. Tony will work with his students until they achieved quantifiable results. Tony likes to use in-car camera footage to help educate and clarify where the students can improve their techniques.